Episode 39:

Founded in December of 2007, Dave and Josh have built an organization of team members in the Southeast based on 4 core principles: dream big, work hard, play by the rules, and take care of each other. Putting our family of residents, employees, and investors first in every decision throughout the business. We believe on holding and investing in each piece of real estate for the long term to be well-positioned for market cycles and opportunities.

What You Will Learn:

  • Josh Friedensohn’s journey into real estate investing
  • How he turned the part-time gig into a sustainable real estate career
  • Greenleaf Property Management’s business model
  • Why Friedensohn chose to focus on multi-family
  • Different property types that they purchase
  • The benefits of being vertically integrated
  • How to use population and economic trends to pick your market
  • The effect of timing on your success as an investor

Additional Resources from Paul Morris:

Additional Resources from Gary Wilson:


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