Episode 14:

Ken Wimberly is a man of many hats. He is a serial entrepreneur, a devoted husband and proud father. Ken is the founder of KW Net Lease Advisors, founding partner in Laundry Luv, and the operating principle and franchise owner of Keller Williams Realty of Abilene, Texas. Prior to his career in real estate, Ken served in the U.S. Navy and owned and operated a restaurant. Ken is an active business professional and real estate investor with properties throughout Texas.

What You Will Learn:

  • Ken reviews his background, including his entry into the world of real estate. He discusses owning and managing his own restaurant and serving in the Navy prior to beginning to invest in real estate.
  • Ken discusses why he loves investing in the state of Texas, and he shares the notable advantage he sees in keeping his investments in the state as well as why he believes in investing in secondary and tertiary markets.
  • Ken shares details from some of the partnerships he has made and some of the deals he has been able to close. He also discusses his work in his laundromat business and how his real estate deals have helped fuel that business.
  • Learn why Ken decided to set up his laundromat business differently, with community outreach and a family-centric approach, as a way to give back and lift up the communities his laundromats serve.
  • Ken explains why he began writing a Word document where he writes a journal entry to each of his children once a month. He explains how this sparked the idea of creating an online/app-based platform called Legacy of Love for parents to journal to their children.

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