Episode 20:

Michelle Villalobos is a business and brand strategist, inspirational speaker, and the founder of The “Superstar” Activator, a personal branding and marketing firm that helps high performers cultivate greater influence and make a bigger impact in the world. One of her company’s primary offerings is the Lifestyle Business Breakthrough Retreat, where she helps leaders in speaking, coaching and mentoring find more freedom, prosperity, and meaning in their work. At these retreats attendees learn to better position their brands, marketing and message, refine their business models and revenue streams, and attract ideal clients. Michelle is also the host of the weekly Awaken Your Inner Superstar podcast.

What You Will Learn:

  • Michelle discusses how she had a massive breakdown in her business after having painted herself into a corner, and she shares how she realized she needed to create a sustainable, scalable business model that aligned to her strengths.
  • Michelle shares the kinds of people across many different industries that she is able to help, specifically people who are looking to turn their business into a vehicle for transformation in the world.
  • Michelle talks about how the first step in her process involves helping people better identify who they really are and what they love to do, to help them better align their unique gifts with the way they approach their work.
  • Michelle shares some of the components of her six-piece “internal check-in” to help find alignment: identity (who you are), vision (what you want), values (what you believe), and life force (your health and happiness).
  • Michelle discusses her podcast and two specific episodes relating to alignment, where she interviews social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Sally Hogshead.
  • Michelle talks about the challenges she faced in launching her business right around the 2007-2008 recession, and she discusses her breakdown and how it completely transformed her business and powered its growth.
  • Michelle shares how she does events in both Miami and Denver, and she discusses how she speaks all across the country. She shares details of her upcoming Superstar Summit that will be held in November.
  • Michelle explains why she feels driven to create and serve others, and she shares why she feels joy and passion for helping other creators. She discusses the impact the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz has had on her.

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