Episode 19:

Dr. Sharon Spano is a strategic C-Suite executive business consultant, executive leadership coach, mentor, and professional development expert. She is also the host of the Other Side of Potential podcast, where she speaks with guests about the skills and strategies that have helped them succeed. At Sharon’s consultancy firm, Spano & Company, she helps entrepreneurs design systems and processes that engage their teams and help improve their bottom-line results. Sharon is the author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step Into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful Prosperous Life.

What You Will Learn:

  • Sharon discusses her more than 30 years of work in Adult Human Development and her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems, and she shares how her coaching and consulting help businesses strategize and adapt to today’s complex business environment.
  • Sharon explains the concepts behind “systemic mapping”, a process that helps Sharon’s clients learn systemic thinking and that can show them underlying obstacles to their work and personal success.
  • Sharon shares an example of working with a client who didn’t know how to scale her business, and Sharon explains how the client had unconscious blocks against scaling due to her family history.
  • Sharon discusses the importance of awareness and learning to experience awareness in the moment, and she talks about how developing this awareness can allow a leader to avoid negative behaviors and lead more effectively.
  • Sharon highlights the importance of order, place, and balance of exchange and how these three concepts can interfere with a business leader’s ability to lead or a team’s success.
  • Sharon explains why the work she does tends to benefit leadership more than team members in the trenches, and she explains why she particularly works with executives in the C-Suite to lead better and cause less suffering.
  • Sharon discussing an upcoming engagement to speak to the women leaders at the Orange County, Florida Corrections Department, and she discusses her book The Pursuit of Time and Money and how it can benefit real estate entrepreneurs.

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