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by | Oct 26, 2023

How Do You Thrive Not Just Survive In A Market Shift?

Meet Gary Wilson and Learn How!!!

* At age 40, retired as Corporate Vice-President, Mergers & Acquisitions in National Banking

* Completed over 100 transactions per year consistently every year without a sales team or

   assistant, with virtually no marketing costs

*Traded over 3,000 Investment properties in less than 5 years

* Developed five real estate holding companies, owning more than 250 Rental Units

* Self-made multi-millionaire by building a real estate enterprise including brokerage, rental

   management, investment services, settlement services, and appraisal services

* Award winner and accepted into Andron Apiphenon Order of Excellence for Real Estate;

* Author of Eight Real Estate Investment books:

  1. Investor Agent, Make More Money Not More Work
  2. The Massive Passive Cashflow Method
  3. Real Estate Reality-The Truth Behind No Money Down Investing
  4. Rental Profits Without The Pain
  5. Flipping For Profits Without The Risk
  6. Turning Rental Problems into Real Estate Profits
  7. Wholesaling For Profits so Everybody Wins

And Now…    

  1. The GIA Book-How Do You Thrive Not Just Survive in a Market Shift?

Let’s face it…No Real Estate market ever stays the same. The market goes up and the market goes down. Anyone can make money in an up market. The trick is to make money in one that’s down. This book will show you how to not just survive but thrive in both!

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Next…Enjoy an excerpt from the book:

When I first began investing, I became agitated at the Real Estate agency profession. Agents themselves were, for the most part, decent people. But just like in any walk of life, there are good ones and bad ones and a lot in between.

The problem is that they are trained by brokerage companies to focus on owner-occupants, not Investors. Real Estate Agents are inherently driven to succeed and are sincere in their desire to help Investors. The challenge is they often don’t know how.

Real Estate Agents who don’t invest themselves don’t understand the rules of engagement for Investors. For the most part, they do understand the rules of engagement for owner-occupants, though.

Agents who don’t work with Investors are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. While the vast majority compete unprofitably for a few really good listings, Investor Agents are cashing commission checks on a regular basis by working with Investors with little or no competition. As a result, they also get the owner-occupant business of their Investors as well—again, with little or no competition.

Likewise, Investors who don’t get their license are leaving huge piles of money and opportunity on the table. Investors are natural-born entrepreneurs. Getting your Real Estate license offers powerful opportunities to easily develop multiple streams of income, without having to be a traditional Agent. It can grow to provide as much (or more) wealth and income as the investment activities leveraged with your license.

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You won’t want to miss this! “Global Investor Agent” reveals the secrets to real estate success in any market. Get ahead, no matter what’s around the corner! 



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