Episode 100:

Sean Adams spent the first 12 years of his career owning multiple small businesses. During that time, he felt overwhelming stress stemming from the government and banks having control over his income. The money he earned always seemed to be held captive in savings and retirement accounts that were illiquid and offered little growth. Fast forward a few years to Sean selling his businesses and becoming a full-time sales professional. He found himself making great commissions but again having no idea where to safely stick his earnings.

Sean consumed hundreds of books, interviews, and courses to learn as much as he could about finance. He discovered the ultra-rich had insider knowledge about protecting and growing wealth, and he made it his mission to distill down these secrets and make sure everyone had access to them. The most influential concept he discovered was the strategy of leveraging cash value life insurance as a savings asset, an approach that offers the liquidity, hedges against market volatility, and provides a safe, guaranteed return. 

Sean’s life insurance policies became a saving grace for him. Because of his success, he became obsessed with sharing this strategy. Sean grew Leveraged Life Management from a strong desire to help professionals escape uncertainty and adopt a strategy that gives them the safety and protection they need.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Sean Adams?
  • What is his first business at a very young age?
  • Sean shares how he started his business.
  • How he keeps himself well-knowledge about finance?
  • What is 5 Leverage of Wealth?
  • Why life insurance is a useful place to haven for cash and keep safe?
  • How a life insurance work to protect yourself, your family, and your legacy?
  • What is cash value?
  • Sean defines guaranteed growth.
  • What is the big benefit of Life insurance?
  • Does age really matter in protecting yourself, your family, and your legacy?
  • Sean shares how he can be contacted.

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