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With over a decade of experience as a real estate investor and financial planner, Daniel Johnson found that there was very little unbiased financial planning advice for real estate investors and business owners. His answer to this need was starting RE|Focus Financial Planning. The opportunity to help individuals and families make sense of their financial situation and plan for the future is a responsibility Daniel enjoys and takes very seriously.

Before starting RE|Focus Financial Planning, Daniel spent 7 years with Parsec Financial working with over 140 different households. However, Daniel’s overwhelming desire for more independence and the pull towards entrepreneurship led him to create RE|Focus where he helps individuals that have grown wealth through alternative assets like small businesses, real estate, and cryptocurrency.

Daniel holds a BS from UNC Asheville as well as an MBA from East Carolina University. He is a CFP® professional and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), and he owns and manages 8 investment properties. Some of these properties are short-term Airbnb rentals, and some are located near hospitals and marketed toward travel nurses. Daniel and his wife Sarah love living in Winston Salem, NC, with their three boys. They are active in their church and the community.


What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Daniel Johnson?
  • What are the things he learned from working with different households?
  • What makes him decide to put up his own Registered Investment Advisory Firm?
  • How does Daniel see the financial planning industry?
  • Daniel shares his history of working with real estate investors.
  • What is AUM?
  • How Daniel approaches his clients and helps them with their finances.
  • How a financial planner can help an investor in reaching his goal.
  • What are financial planning blindspots that real estate investors need to look out for?
  • Why fee-only/fixed-fee planning is beneficial to real estate investors?
  • Daniel shares his thoughts on Short Term Rentals/Nurse Housing as an investing strategy.
  • Does geography play an important factor in financial planning?
  • Daniel shares how he can be contacted.

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