Episode 143: Maximizing Your Chances Of Success, with Dionne Payn

Dr. Dionne Payn is the Founder of High Impact Property Investments. They specialise in partnering investors looking for double digit returns with projects that provide affordable and sustainable homes.

Dionne has a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry, has project managed a number of property developments around Byron Bay (NSW, Australia) and has helped over 30 investors to achieve double digit returns through property. These property projects range from small one into two subdivisions up to larger co-living projects.

Dionne’s first taste of ethical property development came in 2017 / 2018, when she project managed a 14 townhouse project. This development delivered affordable rental and owner-occupied homes in an area well known for its high level of housing unaffordability. The experience of being financially well rewarded for this project while providing affordable homes for low – moderate income earners was a game-changer and led to Dionne’s drive to make a difference to people’s lives through property.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Dionne Payn?
  • How did she gets convinced to understand what is Real Estate?
  • Dionne shares her first major project.
  • What is the highlight of her career in Real Estate?
  • Are there any locations that she which makes available at a more affordable rate?
  • Dionne explains E.T.H.I.C.A.L Framework
  • What is ETHICAL Property Investing?
  • Is she was able to work with other countries aside from Australia?
  • Dionne shares her experience working in the US.
  • What does she see in the way of opportunity going forward?
  • What is her recommendation for those who are starting yet?
  • Dionne shares how she can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Dionne Payn:

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