Episode 65:

Shannon Goldsmith is a 3rd generation native Angeleno, Los Angeles REALTOR®, Certified Investor Agent, and member of the Global Investor Agent Team.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, is a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, Probate Specialist, and Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource.

She is a former corporate slave who later became a real estate agent. She spent a lot of time in the corporate world working for other people until realizing in her mid-’30s that she couldn’t stick with it anymore. Hence, she was able to transition into real estate and also realized that she’s more interested in the investing side of it rather than the traditional one.

A self-professed real estate junkie, Shannon believes that real estate investing is life’s greatest vehicle to personal and financial freedom. She enjoys helping seasoned or soon-to-be-seasoned investors grow and evolve their portfolios quickly while keeping their risks in check.

Where some investors are comfortable spending money based on a hunch, Shannon lets the data do the talking. Shannon’s comprehensive and highly specific data enables her clients to quickly identify and target the highest performing areas in Los Angeles County–whether they’re seeking their next flip or income-generating opportunity.

Behind her great interest in real estate investing is her plan of getting into a desert for sunbathing every day, all day long! She just really loves the deserts.

What You Will Learn:

  • Shannon shares about an incredible financial tool that helps you pay down your debt in record time which also works for mortgages, student loans, car loans, business loans, medical debt, and tax debt.
  • How the said financial tool works and why it was described as a “financial GPS”.
  • How to manage the risks despite the rapidly changing economic situations.
  • Shannon walks through how to use the financial program as a financial planner.
  • The best way for people to connect with Shannon.

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