Episode 75:

Wayne Mullins is the Founder of Ugly Mug Marketing which he started 11 years ago out of a coffee shop. He is passionate about building a team at Ugly Mug Marketing that isn’t focused on checking off items on to-do lists, or winning design awards, but instead, on helping their clients sleep better at night.

Today, thanks to his amazing team, is not uncommon for prospective clients to have to wait weeks – or even months – to become a client of Ugly Mug Marketing.

Wayne directly influences more than a quarter million entrepreneurs each year through his blog, books, and training programs.

What You Will Learn:

  • Wayne shares about his journey on how they ended up on his “Ugly Mug Marketing” business.
  • Wayne shares who he is and how he started into real estate.
  • Wayne shares his other skills besides selling.
  • Wayne shares how other people motivates him to start his Land and Landscape Company.
  • Wayne shares where the name of his business, Ugly Mug Marketing came from.
  • Wayne shares to presell services that people need to have in future and you’re convincing them to move.
  • Wayne recommends using multi model method.
  • Wayne recommends to make a thank you notes to your best clients.
  • Wayne explains why most people end up cutting marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Wayne shares that marketing is an investment.
  • Wayne shows how marketing can be an investment.
  • Wayne explains why advertising in social media is a perfect investment right now.

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