Episode 63:

Louis Racette was on a long journey before becoming a successful real estate investor. He wasn’t really good at school and actually hated attending to it due to his impatient and serious personality. He feels that he had a lot of challenges around him.

After his high school education, he started off working for his dad’s company. His dad was in an insurance agency so he did a lot of investigation into accidents and claims. This kind of job taught him to think and ask questions for seeking a solution to a problem that will satisfy a claimant and the insurance company as well. This led him to become a more analytical thinker.

He ended his job from the insurance company and was able to travel the world when he became a pilot.

He decided to do something more such as broadcasting and went into actual communication. He was in sales for a CTV camera which taught him communications and marketing.

Then after 12 years, he built his own company, an advertising agency, which served national and regional retail clients. The company’s objective was to offer creative solutions to clients.

And after finishing his MBA degree he went back to Niagara and decided to do real estate there with the potential from not only being a realtor in helping people but becoming an investor as well – looking at the markets that changes the dynamics of marketing completely.

Everything he learned from marketing when he engaged himself with real estate investment needs to be readapted to a new reality. That was the process from the moment he came into the real estate; learning about markets, data, finance, and property appraisal.

What You Will Learn:

  • Louis talks about one of the biggest ventures he did.
  • How Louis talks about the best way to learn through early failures.
  • Louis shares one of the easiest deals he ever made.
  • Macroeconomics as a very important factor in dealing with market changes.
  • A completely different tactic to address constantly changing market situations.
  • Why Hamilton becomes the number one investment city in Canada.
  • Why charging too low on people or prospective property buyers can bring you into trouble.
  • How flexible are you looking for different types of opportunities to achieve great deals?
  • Louis shares his contact information with people who might invest around the Toronto area.

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