Episode 95:

Steven Butala has been called a “land and house wholesaling expert.” After completing more than 15,000 acquisitions and sales, he chooses to share his accomplishments and real estate business achievements, answer questions, share valuable tips, through multiple internet channels and companies all under the heading the “BuWit Family of Companies.” 

Jill Dewit loves flipping land/property and showing others how to find and purchase undervalued assets. If you “buy it right” selling comes easy. She also enjoys sharing her start-up experience to help aspiring individuals build or grow their own businesses. As a woman business owner and co-founder of several companies, She has much to share.

In 2009, after over 20 years in sales, She joined forces with her partner, Steven Jack Butala, and together created Land Academy and the BuWit Family of Companies. They provide education, support, and tools needed to start or grow a land investment business.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who are Jill DeWit and Steven Butala?
  • How did they start in the Real Estate Industry?
  • How their business became successful to what it is now?
  • How to purchase a property and resell it.
  • How they came up with the idea of putting up Land Academy.
  • What are the ways they use to get data of a certain property?
  • Why is vacant land is a good start to invest?
  • Steven shares some tips on dealing with customers.
  • What is the biggest part of the business?
  • What are the key character traits of most successful partners?
  • Jill DeWit and Steven Butala share how they can be contacted.


Additional Resources from Amy Aziz on the behalf of Jill DeWit and Steven Butala:


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